ANT-SMALL AND AMOROUS, by Pansy Maurer-Alvarez, US Trade, 64pp, January 2012, €12. BILINGUAL.
At The End Of The Street by Jay Passer, 32pp, June 2012, €5.
Bacon, Bits & Buriton, by Patrick Williamson, A5, 28pp, January 2012, €5.
Betwixt by Jennifer K Dick, A5, 24pp, May 2011, €5.
Bullets & Orchids by Rewa Zeinati, A5, 20pp, June 2013, €5.
Catch by Diana S. Adams, A5, 20pp, June 2013, €5.
Circuits by Jennifer K Dick, US Trade, 82pp, March 2013, €12.
Déja Vu by Bonny Finberg, A5, 36pp inc. colour, September 2011, €8.
Dog, cock, ape and viper by Rufo Quintavalle, pocket book, 103pp, June 2011, €12.
Garden (dec unit) by Monty Reid, A5, 28pp, May 2012, €5.
Giacomettrics by Amy Hollowell, US Trade, 76pp, November 2012, €12.
Glittery City by Bibi Jacob, A5, 20pp, September 2013, May 2014, €5.
How Esmeralda Estrus Got Her Revenge by J. Bradley, A5, 28pp, September 2011, €5.
I-spy and shanty by Kate Noakes, US Trade, 96pp, February 2014, €15.
IMAGINARYLOVEPOEMS by Emily Critchley, A5, 36pp, December 2011, €5.
IN A FORM OF SUSPENSION by Pansy Maurer-Alvarez, US Publisher, 64pp, April 2014, €15.
limite désir by Meghan McNealy, A5, 28pp, May 2012, €5.
Long Play E.P. the complete Evan Parker Poems by steven dalachinsky, 40pp, September 2011, €5.
LOW LEVEL FLYING by John Kliphan, 148pp, March 2012, €12.
m by Lily Robert-Foley, US Trade, 266pp, May 2013, €18.
Mammals of Hoarfrost by Pearl Pirie, 28pp, September 2011, €5.
moral hazard and the chemical sweats by Rufo Quintavalle, 40pp, December 2013, €8.
Miss Canada by rob mclennan, A5, 28pp, July 2012, €5.
one columbus leap by Anamaría Crowe Serrano, A5, 28pp, September 2011, €5.
orantes linguis, by William J. Doan, A5, 28pp, November 2011, €5.
Organ Speech, by Megan Fernandes, A5, 40pp, November 2011, €5.
Parted, by justina semetaite, A5, 28pp, November 2011, €5
Peneloping, by Amy Hollowell, A5, 32pp, November 2011, €5.
Previous Vertigos by Nina Karacosta, A5, 24pp, February 2011, €5.
road song for by lars palm, US Trade, 100pp, September 2011, €12.
Roadkill by Michelle Noteboom, US Trade, 84pp, July 2013, €12.
Ships Made of Fake Fur by James Jewell, 24pp, October 2012, €4.
A SHORT CIRCUIT by George Vance, A4, 84pp, May 2011, €12.
Standard Form for Language Resentment by Freke Räihä, US Trade 64pp, April 2012, €12.
Stone Bridge Madrigals by Nicolette Wong, 28pp, December 2013, €6.
The Sun Brings by Christophe Lamiot Enos, US Trade, 120pp, April 2013, €12.
Trial Balloons, by Alexander Dickow, A5, 36pp, June 2012, €5
turn push | turn pull, by kit fryatt, A5, 28pp, August 2012, €5
TWEET TWEET TWEET, by Greg Santos, A5, 32pp inc. colour, December 2011, €8.
The Understory by Rod Mengham, A5, 24pp, February 2014, €6.
Versimilitude by Suzanne Allen, A5, 24pp, June 2011, May 2014, €5.
Vertiges Précédents par Nina Karacosta (traduit par Anne Talvaz), A5, 28pp, Janvier 2012, €5.
Weakdays by R L Raymond, A5, 32pp, July 2012, €5.
Wolf Down by Anthony Liccione, US Trade, 84pp, December 2011, €12.
XMAS COLLAGE by George Vance, A5, 28pp, June 2012, €5.

books by dylan harris
anticipating the metaverse, The Knives, Forks And Spoons Press, A5, 170pp, March 2014, €15.
antwerp, wurm press, US Trade, 72pp, November 2009, €12.
europe, wurm press, A5, 2008, 20pp, €2, out of print, free PDF download.
la défense, photography, 64pp, July 2012, €30.
the liberation of [placeholder], The Knives, Forks And Spoons Press, A5 photography / poetry, 110pp, May 2012, €20.
plein, photography, 56pp, April 2012, €25.
the smoke, The Knives, Forks And Spoons Press, photography / poetry, 22pp, August 2010, €7.50.