Dog, cock, ape and viper by Rufo Quintavalle

Cover of Dog, cock, ape and viper

pocket book, 104 pages, €12, June 2011
ISBN 979-10-90394-02-5

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Rufo Quintavalle read for Poets Live: hear him here, here and here.

There is no other contemporary English poet quite like Quintavalle: from his extraordinary name (perhaps the most inherently exciting since “Ezra Pound”) to his exotically-imagined, deeply-thoughtful, ruefully witty, and sometimes very brief, poems, to his slightly marginalised location across the Channel, he represents a different current - one that, should he continue to write as well over the next few years, will establish him, one hopes, as a key British poet of the 2010s.
Todd Swift

Lapidary and wry, Rufo Quintavalle’s poetry is distinctive. It often combines a playful stance with a steely stare in ways which may disconcert the newcomer. Yet its unmistakeable style is a result of a scrupulous ethics of attention and saying – an approach which successfully sidesteps all unquestioned assumptions about the written and the thought.
Peter Hughes, Oystercatcher Press


It’s easy,
pick up
a slip,
then order

w/ white
& green


Oily blackbirds,
geraniums in the rain;

the park,
hemmed in by buildings,
shines like porn.