Tweet Tweet Tweet by Greg Santos

A5, 32pp inc. colour, €8, December 2011
ISBN 979-10-90394-24-7

With TWEET TWEET TWEET, Santos has created a world both elegiac and exuberant, where “wind-up owls whirr incessantly” and poets are “endlessly sculpting birds out of words.” Funny, sincere, and self-aware, these are the poems of our moment and its changing modes of reality and connection. A collection of “exquisite topiaries,” disarming and affecting.
Paula Bohince, author of Incident at the Edge of Bayonet Woods

Wolf Down by Anthony Liccione

US Trade, 84 pages, €12, December 2011
ISBN 979-10-90394-20-9
The cover image is Wolf Eat Wolf by Magnhild Opdøl

For non-european addresses, buy from Lulu
A video of Illusion, a poem from the book

Knowing what’s out there in the world doesn’t mean you also have to let it destroy you. The good is taken with the bad in Wolf Down, and the transition from one to the other is seamless, and the mark of a writer as tired yet willing and eager to continue on. It is the gratitude of still being alive, coming through the minor and severe hells of an ordinary day more or less intact. It is not something easily gained in life, but it’s always worth trying for. The writer capable of telling us of their journey through this as well as Liccione will never lack for material. When the material is as good as that which is found in Wolf Down we gain almost as much as he does. Just by reading what’s on his mind. Gabriel Ricard, Unlikely Blog

Vertiges Précédents par Nina Karacosta

Traduction au français, par Anne Talvaz, de Previous Vertigos
A5, 28pp, €5, Janvier 2012
ISBN 979-10-90394-25-4

Peneloping by Amy Hollowell

A5, 32pp, €5, November 2011
ISBN 979-10-90394-19-3
The cover image is Constellation 2 (oil on canvas) by Esther Garcia Eder.

Peneloping is a beautiful energy construct of poems calling to mind’s ear both the participial glee of Gertrude Stein’s “continuous present” and the verbal shapeshifting of James Joyce. Antics and intricate care: “bespun and bespanning/allhere/and beshifting”. Kudos to Amy Hollowell’s exuberant and special measure.
Anne Waldman, author of Fast Speaking Woman

Organ Speech by Megan Fernandes

Cover of Organ Speech

A5, 40pp, €5, November 2011
ISBN 979-10-90394-10-0
The cover image is by Joshua Neves and Graham Bury.

It is exciting to discover a new poet and a new press. Megan Fernandes is a sophisticated and sensitive writer, and her poems are, by turn, surprising, vivid and affecting. Organ Speech is unnervingly good.
Read more of Charles Whalley’s piece in Sabotage Reviews.

orantes linguis by William J. Doan

orantes linguis cover

A5, 28pp, €5, November 2011
ISBN 979-10-90394-18-6
The cover image is from stanwick (i) by Dylan Harris

What a devious bit of writing. Doan’s poems remind me of both Finnegan’s Wake and the Simpsons — they gnaw at the emptied hope found in double wide debt, class realities, brutish fathers and unscrupulous bankers. The familiar chanted rhythm of prayer is a frayed nylon fire rope for all confined to the dictated lives of their class.
Helen O’Leary, Guggenheim Fellow, 2010



A5, 36 pages, €5, December 2011
ISBN 979-10-90394-17-9

These are poems that love their poetic history and sweep you off your page. They contain wings reigning over sleepy echoes, temporary motion, ornamental self, all but true. Imaginary love in poem gardens toads. Whatever happens after all stays here and jiggles about for your reading pleasure. Ian Patterson

Déja Vu by Bonny Finberg

Déja Vu cover

A5, 36 pages, colour, September 2011, €8
ISBN 979-10-90394-15-5
The cover image is “Déja Vu” by the author.

You can also buy this book directly from the poet.

In Déja Vu Bonny Finberg cracks open the disparateness that makes up the unlikely assemblage known as “I” as well as its many adjacent and tangential beings. The poet’s memory is both hers and others, including the Meat Soldier. The poems are visceral and kaleidoscopic, sensual and disturbing. Not only is Novel in 24 Chapters magnificent, but it serves as a key to the rest of the book. Each poem is another chapter in a novel without a beginning, middle, or end, a novel which embraces language in all its soulful ecstasy and wintry cheerlessness, the highs and lows of being alive and open in these perilous times. As Ted Berrigan used to say—It’s Terrific. John Yau

Mammals of Hoarfrost by Pearl Pirie

A5, 28 pages, September 2011, €5
ISBN 979-10-90394-16-2
The cover image is “Handala” by the author.

Little dense vowel codes per line accrue to wowza table-risk song! ~ Phil Hall
She’s quirky, humorous, compassionate, clear-seeing, and she always finds the most interesting conjunctions of words to convey an essence. ~ Rosemary Nissen-Wade
Pirie’s poetry will be of interest to anyone who enjoys good wordplay, linguistic gymnastics, humour and surprising twists and turns. ~ Amanda Earl, Ottawa Sneezers

long play e.p. by steven dalachinsky

the complete Evan Parker Poems
A5, 40 pages, September 2011, €5
ISBN 979-10-90394-07-0
The cover image is by the author.

Poetry & Jazz: possibly the most truly autochthonous North American art combo. Both a high & a popular tradition, way too neglected by the high literati & their low theory-pundits as a formal & spontaneous process that happens “inside / the skillside of the skull” — as the amazing Steven Dalachinsky has it in this lovely, lovely book, a set of poems that sets him squarely (hiply?) in a line starting (in my book) with Kenneth Rexroth & culminating today with, well, maestro Dalachin- sky, an unequaled delight, a must. Pierre Joris


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