Back to backfiring...

This is the inaugural corrupt press newsletter, and you’re getting it ‘cos either you’re written one of the books, or you’re going to, or you’ve expressed interest, or I’m an evil bastard.

Things remain out of order after the move to Holland; it’s going to be another couple of weeks before the corrupt cylinder is properly backfiring again. It doesn’t help that there’s an English themed pub with English themed beer less that two hundred yards from my new flat. That is a coincidence, promise! Honest! Really.

I’ve a message for everyone from Jen Dick. She’s organising a visual poetry conference in Mulhouse in June, and really wants some corrupt press people there, involved. In fact, she says:

“Lex-Icon invites you to check out our pre-conference blog project where daily visual poems, critical thoughts on text and image today, and language-based art will be posted between 20 March & 20 May! These will be assembled into a creative publication for the attendees of the 7-9 June 2012 Lex-Icon conference at the Université de Haute Alsace in MULHOUSE, france. See also our INVITATION to contribute work to this project on the blog itself-Hope to see you there!

If you wish you weren’t on this newsletter, go unsub at, or just tell me.

Enjoy spring — I will! -)

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