Catch cover

Diana S. Adams

A5, 24pp, €5, June 2013
ISBN 979-10-90394-40-7
The cover image is by dylan harris.

I don’t know too many poets who could find beauty in reticence. It’s eerie in the way Diana S. Adams manages to turn the dramatic pause into something as special as a personal revelation. She’s the mistress of the herky–jerky procession. Her line breaks stun us with their warped generosity, their cautious love. Steve Fellner,

Here are the many–fold surprises found in conflicting worlds, rendered with such subtlety of phrasing and a wholly alarming availability. These poetic gifts make for a kind of heightened awareness, even as we fall rather helplessly into each of these miniatures. One is reminded of the way Ritsos has of unsettling us with narrative, reaching deep into the emotions, and even deeper into the unconscious. Diana S. Adams dreams up poems that are so richly alive with the small dramas that turn large in our sleep, where time and space wait, suspended. Jeffrey Levine, author of Jubilo