Hole In My Side cover

Troy Yorke
Hole In My Side

US Trade, 132pp, €15, November 2014
ISBN 979-10-90394-29-2
The cover image is by Troy Yorke.

Troy Yorke’s poetry is a sensual and confrontational experience that tickles not only the ear, but also the eye through it’s imaginative layout on the page. The language is rich with imagery that is both visceral and delightfully earthy and vulgar. It speaks of the contemporary experience of sex, love, violence and desire with a clear, twinkling eye that makes each selection something to be savoured again and again. This is a book I would highly recommend. Brad Fraser, Writer/Director

i love ths book
th amayzing love pomes ar palpable
sum surprising
th big pickshur pomes ar also remarkabul
“awestruck” ovrwhelming
th vizual pomes ar sew wundrful
lifts th reedr byond
a wundrful work
daring incisiv n rapturous
bill bissett, ‘poet n paintr’

Troy Yorke says it best in his poem “Wandering Eye Thru a Waterfall”; these poems are “one rip-roaring rush of wrong splashed hard up the forbidden…” They leak and they harp like beautifully plucked high-strung ball-breaking ballads. They howl like randy wolverines rabid with wit and foresight. Bearing concise debauched glimpses of life, splashed with lurid and luscious observations that would make a moon-hooker blush with inter-galactic bliss—if you just lie down and suck back these poems “behind a pale sheet of nobody” they will leave you choking—and gasping—for more. David Bateman, Performance Poet