road song for cover

lars palm
road song for

US Trade, 100pp, €12, September 2011
ISBN 979-10-90394-12-4
The cover image is by Petra Palm

In the concise verses and prose poems of road song for, Lars Palm reminds us–as he always does–of the music of everyday English, from overheard conversations to pop lyrics. Often light in tone but never slight, Palm’s work is carefully built to look effortless. — Amanda Laughtland

This is a wonderful book of impulsive and magical, lyrical poetry. — Robert Loydell, Stride Magazine.

D e p r e s s u r e placement is in a sociocultural and sociogeographic sense poetry; as every twig snapped; as non-equivalence: delusions are a wonderful tool for all manner of artists, whom are subject to Lars Palm, who often use them to cast a clearer light on reality; and reality this is, what comes after this, is [ repeat ] — Freke Räihä

Inte honungssött direkt men mättande och närande likaså — not dripping with honey but filling & nourishing as well — Albert Herranz