Hole In My Side: Redemption of the Moon-Hooker by Troy Yorke

Cover image

US Trade, 132pp, €15, November 2014
ISBN 979-10-90394-29-2
The cover image is by Troy Yorke.

Troy Yorke’s poetry is a sensual and confrontational experience that tickles not only the ear, but also the eye through it’s imaginative layout on the page. The language is rich with imagery that is both visceral and delightfully earthy and vulgar. It speaks of the contemporary experience of sex, love, violence and desire with a clear, twinkling eye that makes each selection something to be savoured again and again. This is a book I would highly recommend.
Brad Fraser, Writer/Director

IN A FORM OF SUSPENSION by Pansy Maurer-Alvarez

US Trade, 64pp, €15, April 2014
ISBN 979-10-90394-46-9
The cover image is by Dylan Harris.

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Poets have often been the patsies for a predetermined set of truths, even as love, joy, safety, and sanctity rarely resemble what they’re purported to be. Poets become reduced to intellectualism and academicism—their truths provincially categorized before they’ve been written. When these constraints prove insufficient, a poet may only have her own instincts to rely on. In her new book, In a Form of Suspension, Pansy Maurer-Alvarez forgoes prescribed meaning, favoring her sonic palette as a guide to the pleasures of poetry. These are passionate poems, “authentically uncertain,” where “late temperate nature echoes revelations.” These poems inhabit a space of wild observation, offering moments of fused-grammar joy (“mimosa is composed of Seville”), but grounded by a delight in physicality. “I wanted to unleash brash themes, I wanted their warped gleam to hold me cleft to my own light,” she writes. Joy, social detail, a love for language, an urban wit, all combine in this book into an “invisible room …grazed by pale orbs of song.”
Edmund Berrigan

The Understory by Rod Mengham

A6, 28pp, €6, February 2014
ISBN 979-10-90394-47-6
The cover image is by John Gibbons

I-spy and shanty by Kate Noakes

US Trade, 96pp, €15, March 2014
ISBN 979-10-90394-45-2
The cover image is by Dylan Harris.

Kate Noakes’ poetry has always treasured vivid language, and does so here—just savour her nectar–sipping bat that ‘gigolos away the dark’. But this rich and varied new collection also strikes a new note, as quietly compact as the water–worn stones that appear in several poems, spare but alive with implications, like a whole life in wartime conveyed by ‘And now / the kissing away of two long winters. Him here.’ Philip Gross

moral hazard and the chemical sweats by rufo quintavalle

A5, 40pp, €8, December 2013
ISBN 979-10-90394-44-5
The cover image is by the author

Stone Bride Madrigals by Nicolette Wong

A5, 28pp, €6, December 2013
ISBN 979-10-90394-44-5
The cover image is by David Heg

Glittery City by Bibi Jacob

Cover image

A5, 20pp, €5
First edition: September 2013
Second edition: May 2014
ISBN 979-10-90394-42-1
The cover image is by Sarah Vivienne York.

A John Kliphan memorial chapbook

m by Lily Robert-Foley

Limited Edition
US Trade, 266pp, €18, May 2013
ISBN 979-10-90394-14-8
The cover design is by Dylan Harris.

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Corrupt Press acknowledges the kind permission of both Faber & Faber and LES EDITIONS DE MINUIT S.A.. to collage The Unnamable / Poèmes - collages à partir de L’Innommable by Samuel Beckett.

Roadkill by Michelle Noteboom

US Trade, 84pp, €12, July 2013
ISBN 979-10-90394-11-7
The cover design is by Frédéric Forte using an image by Daniel Levin Becker.

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Making the most of a collision of dictions, on the one hand, while spanning era, class, and mood on the other, Noteboom sails directly and fearlessly into the quotidian—-yet with an astronomical dimension. This collection is fueled by a recogni- tion of the great range that language can cover, and that it can create. Often irreverent and almost always sassy, Noteboom’s texts make language travel at tremendous speed, and she’s an excellent chronicler of every inch of territory she makes it cover. It’s a startling and marvelous ride! Cole Swensen

This is one roadkill that simply refuses to stay down. A book that shows the vapidness of our daily monotony colliding head-on with unfilled desires and yearnings to be whole and happy; and the obviously laughable impossibility of just that given our fractured society. “Can we blame this on Capitalism, too?” Noteboom asks. Good question. Even a better read. Roadkill leaves plenty of room for the reader to confront and ponder, and have a good belly laugh or two during the trip. Joe Ross

Bullets & Orchids by Rewa Zeinati

A5, 24pp, €5, June 2013
ISBN 979-10-90394-41-4
The cover image is by the publisher

Stunning text exquisitely tuned to the traumas/torments/delicate presences of our (utterly mysterious but knowable, in smaller ways) times. In 58 spare, but enormous segments of poetry, Rewa Zeinati transports and elevates her readers into and beyond the confounding. It is rare to read text that feels like such a full breath. Naomi Shihab Nye

This is not your usual quiet, well mannered, little poetry book. In fact, it may not be a poetry book. It is most probably a journey: one where you can follow the workings of an intelligent mind on its surreal path through past and present, family and current day Middle East. This is not a book that will spoon-feed you. There is a refusal to give you words that you don’t need. There are no explanations. You are expected to be grown up. But OMG, the images. “I saw bullets though. Many were shaped like tongues.” You need to be on board this trip. Me? I’m going round again. This woman is the real deal. Frank Dullaghan


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